Summer Holidays 2020

Dear business partners,

from 20.08.2020 till 03.09.2020 we’ll be closed for 2 weeks summer holidays.
We kindly ask you to adjust your projects/orders timetable accordingly.

Park lighting solution with extremely low energy consumption

A brief issue from the local edition of Boleslavský Dení from 2014 about city development illustrates the revitalization of the city centre. The Czech article also mentions other projects and how the Citypark became an attractive place for local residents and visitors.

The complete article and the beautiful night view from a bird’s eye perspective can be found here: A bird’s eye view at night of the Citypark of Benátky nad Jizerou, Czech Republic.

Plastic protection rim

Plastic protection for LED paver light Magnum

Please note, that every LED STONE inground fitting is coming already with a plastic protection rim on it.
Just leave it like this (do not remove it) during the installation.

Application warning

Plastic protection for LED paver light Magnum

Please note that plate compactors should not be used in anyway for the areas where the LED cobblestones are installed. The vibrations can cause damage to the light's body and electronic inside components.

To avoid any misunderstandings with the installation - please always insure that the LED cobblestones are installed according to the appropriate Installation Manual.