Aluminium LED profile AP-1809

AP-1809 Dimensions  
Art.Nr. AM512001 
Aluminium profile AP-1809, L-2000mm, without cover

Aluminium mounting plate for LED modules up to a width of 12 mm
Cross-section 17.9x9x2000 mm.
For LED stripes up to a width of 12 mm.
Cooling properties: 1 cm = 3 cm2 surface. (approx. for led stripes up to 15 W/m).
Use in combination with different lenses is possible
Aluminium, anodised, natural
Installation with Fixing Plates
Mounting unit for plastic cover
Compact cross-section (9 x 18 mm)
Can be expanded with extensive accessories
Coefficient of linear expansion 23 * 10(-6) / K)
Tolerance lenght: ± 1 mm